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Current Issue: June 2024

Letters from CAMP Rehoboth

Letters From CAMP Rehoboth is a program of CAMP Rehoboth Inc., a non-profit, community service organization which seeks to create a more positive environment of cooperation and understanding among all people. The revenue generated by Letters From CAMP Rehoboth supports CAMP Rehoboth's purposes as outlined in our mission statement. Email Editor

Editor: Marj Shannon
Editorial Associate: Matty Brown
Design and Layout: Mary Beth Ramsey
Advertising Sales Manager: Tricia Massella
Distribution: Mark Wolf

Regular Contributors: Ann Aptaker, Rich Barnett, Matty Brown, Tony Burns, Ed Castelli, Pattie Cinelli, Wesley Combs, Robert Dominic, Clarence Fluker, Michael Thomas Ford, David Garrett, Michael Gilles, Derrick Johnson, Tom Kelch, Tricia Masella, Sharon Morgan, Eric Peterson, Mary Beth Ramsey, Richard Rosendall, Nancy Sakaduski, Terri Schlichenmeyer, Tara Sheldon, Beth Shockley, Mary Jo Tarallo, Laurie Thompson, Eric Wahl, Doug Yetter.

Publication InformationLetters from CAMP Rehoboth is published 13 times per year, between February and December, as a program of CAMP Rehoboth, Inc., a non-profit community service organization. CAMP Rehoboth seeks to create a more positive environment of cooperation and understanding among all people. Revenue generated by advertisements supports CAMP Rehoboth's purpose as outlined in our mission statement.

The inclusion or mention of any person, group, or business in Letters from CAMP Rehoboth does not, nor is it intended to in any way, indicate sexual orientation or gender identity. The content of the columns are the views and opinions of the writers and may not indicate the position of CAMP Rehoboth, Inc.

Letters from CAMP Rehoboth welcomes all submissions for consideration. Deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. Sunday, two weeks prior to the issue release date.